BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
edgeTweaks taken from Material 3 branchIván Ávalos4 months
material3Added padding to list itemsIván Ávalos5 months
stupid-refactoringInitial progress of huge refactoring job that I really, really shouldn't be d...Iván Ávalos5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-01-28Tweaks taken from Material 3 branchedgeIván Ávalos
2023-01-08Small margin tweakIván Ávalos
2023-01-08Improved look of song list item and album cell itemIván Ávalos
2023-01-05Even more improvements to player UI!Iván Ávalos
2022-12-13Large buttons are slighly largerIván Ávalos
2022-12-13Cards are slightly more roundIván Ávalos
2022-12-13Small padding fixIván Ávalos
2022-12-13Fixed bounds for cover art dialogIván Ávalos
2022-12-13Replaced all icons with SVGsIván Ávalos
2022-12-13Added album art placeholder to Now Playing UIIván Ávalos