AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-04Added new “marketplace items” filterdevIván Ávalos
2022-07-01Added missing “show suggested posts” entry to settingsIván Ávalos
2022-07-01Fixed ads filter and added new “suggested posts” filterIván Ávalos
2022-07-01Updated Gradle config to fetch my fork of KAUIván Ávalos
2022-04-16Sunset projectAllan Wang
2021-11-23Merge pull request #1857 from AllanWang/flowsAllan Wang
2021-11-23Remove channels from frost debuggerAllan Wang
2021-11-23Merge branch 'dev' into flowsAllan Wang
2021-11-23Prepare dev releasessAllan Wang
2021-11-23Prep 3.1.2v3.1.2Allan Wang
2021-11-23Remove all experimental annotationsAllan Wang
2021-11-23Begin removing experimental coroutines annotationAllan Wang
2021-11-23Remove broadcast channel and flyweightAllan Wang
2021-11-23Convert login refresh channel to flow and remove some outdated testsAllan Wang
2021-11-23Create extension for converting emittersAllan Wang
2021-11-23Convert fragment channel to flowAllan Wang
2021-11-22Convert header channel to flowAllan Wang
2021-11-22Convert title channel to flowAllan Wang
2021-11-22Migrate progress channel to flowAllan Wang
2021-11-22Migrate refresh channel to flowAllan Wang
2021-11-22Merge pull request #1856 from AllanWang/menu-tabAllan Wang
2021-11-22Default menu to home as some entries forcefully redirect thereAllan Wang
2021-11-21Improve menu loading when going backAllan Wang
2021-11-21Simplify menu tab loading processAllan Wang
2021-11-21Change basse url for menuAllan Wang
2021-11-19Merge pull request #1855 from AllanWang/image-loadingAllan Wang
2021-11-19Remove image purgingAllan Wang
2021-11-19Format and update changelogAllan Wang
2021-11-19Clean up and fix changes from compose testAllan Wang
2021-11-19Delete unused codeAllan Wang
2021-11-19Delete extra copiesAllan Wang
2021-11-19Replace tempFile with glide refAllan Wang
2021-11-19Snapshot workAllan Wang
2021-11-19Test image activityAllan Wang
2021-11-19Merge pull request #1854 from AllanWang/themesAllan Wang
2021-11-19Theme saved postsAllan Wang
2021-11-19Theme content not found pageAllan Wang
2021-11-19Update package jsonAllan Wang
2021-11-19Merge pull request #1853 from AllanWang/manifest-configsAllan Wang
2021-11-18Add more config changes to avoid unwanted ui refreshesAllan Wang
2021-11-18Merge pull request #1843 from AllanWang/versionsAllan Wang
2021-11-18Use release kau buildAllan Wang
2021-11-18Fix merge conflictsAllan Wang
2021-11-18Update kauAllan Wang
2021-10-24Version bumps, koin removal, android 12 targetAllan Wang
2021-10-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev' into versionsAllan Wang
2021-10-24Update kauAllan Wang
2021-10-09Merge pull request #1834 from AllanWang/default-app-messenger-urlAllan Wang
2021-10-09Revert to dynamic version infoAllan Wang
2021-10-09Require no explicit intent before holding messenger urlsAllan Wang