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masterGot rid of token fieldIván Ávalos7 weeks
v4.14etbsa-traccar-web-4.14.tar.gz  etbsa-traccar-web-4.14.tar.bz2  etbsa-traccar-web-4.14.zip  Anton Tananaev13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-08-08Got rid of token fieldHEADmasterIván Ávalos
2022-06-21Se añade distancia total a reproducción de recorridoIván Ávalos
2022-06-16Removed TLS from proxy and added automatic playback on replay pageIván Ávalos
2022-05-05Geofences now center when clicked in /geofencesIván Ávalos
2022-01-10Copied code from old UI in order to fix downloads in mobile appIván Ávalos
2022-01-07Automatically reconnect web socketIván Ávalos
2022-01-06Temporarily fixed websocket development proxy and set device name to noWrap i...Iván Ávalos
2022-01-03Reworded Spanish translations and added updateNotificationToken() method to w...Iván Ávalos
2021-12-28Updated Spanish translationsIván Ávalos
2021-12-28Removed now unnecessary NoRowsOverlay.jsIván Ávalos